17 Mar 2013

Hollywood Movie Quiz: Who was the Director?

10 questions on 10 different directors in this movie quiz. Can you name the directors?

Q.1 Who directed 'Superman Returns'?
Answer: Bryan Singer
Q.2 Who directed the 2002 'Spider-Man', the first film in the Spider-Man series?
Answer: Sam Raimi

Born to Kill

Q.3 Identify the famous film from the still above. Can you name the director of this famous war movie?
Answer: That is a still from the movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’. The movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick was also the producer and co-writer of the film.

The movie takes its name from the full metal jacket bullets used by riflemen.

Q.4 Who won both the Best Director and the Best Actor Oscars for the movie 'Citizen Kane'?
Answer: Orson Welles
Q.5 This is a list of the initial of the movies directed by him, along with the years in which the movies were released.

1. TSS (1999), 2. U (2000), 3. S (2002), 4. TV (2004), 5. LITW (2006), 6. TH (2008), 7. TLA (2010)

Who is the director?

Answer: Manoj ‘Night’ Shyamalan

The Sixth Sense (TSS) released in 1999 is the most popular and acclaimed of Shyamalan’s movies. The movie earned six Academy Award nominations. U is for Unbreakable, S for Signs, TV for the The Village, LITW for Lady in the Water, TH for The Happening and TLA for The Last Airbender. 

Q.6 The 2008 dark comedy 'In Bruges' went on to achieve a cult following. Name the fim's director who won the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay for the movie.
Answer: Martin McDonagh
Q.7 Who was the director of 'District 9'?
Answer: Neill Blomkamp 
Q.8 Name the director of the Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis starrer 'Tailor of Panama'.
Answer: John Boorman Boorman is a British filmmaker. He has directed over 20 films including ‘Point Blank’, ‘The Emeralad Forest’, ‘Hope and Glory’ and ‘Tailor of Panama’.
Q.9 Who directed the 2009 movie 'Watchmen'?
Answer: Zack Snyder

Snyder gained wide acclaim with the 2007 movie ‘300’ which was a major box office success. He is known for action and science fiction films.  

Q.10 Besides directing the film, he also plays the role a Texas Ranger who chases the convict (Kevin Costner). Name this 1993 movie and its director.
Answer: A Perfect World, directed by Clint Eastwood

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