12 Mar 2013

Hollywood Quiz: Animated Movies Quiz 2

10 New Questions on Animated Movies in this Hollywood Movie Quiz

Q.1 On which animal is the movie 'The Lion of Judah' based?
Answer: Lamb
Q.2 Which actor provided the voices of God and Moses in the movie 'The Prince of Egypt'?
Answer: Val Kilmer

animated movie quiz pic

Q.3 Can you identify the famous animated comedy from the picture above?
Answer: The Incredibles

The Incredibles was a 2004 Walt Disney release, directed by Brad Bird. It received 2 Oscars amongs many other awards, and was widely cited as the best film of the year, overall.

Q.4 Which movie featured the characters 'Sid, the Sloth', 'Diego, the Sabre-Toothed Tiger' and 'Manfred the Mammoth'?
Answer: Ice Age
Q.5 On whose book by the same name was the movie 'Jungle Book' based?
Answer: Rudyard Kipling
Q.6 Fill up the blank to complete the name of the movie: The SpongeBob_______ Movie
Answer:  SquarePants
Q.7 Which 2009 movie is a tale of friendship between two unlikely pen-pals?
Answer: Mary and Max
Q.8 In which Angelina Jolie movie will you see the monster character 'Grendel'?
Answer: Beowulf
Q.9 Which one of these animated movies takes place during the Cold War?

1) The King and I, 2) The Rugrats Movie, 3) The Iron Giant or 4) Quest for Camelot

Answer: 1) The Iron Giant

Q.10 In which movie will you see an adventurous girl who finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home?
Answer: Coraline
Animated Movies Quiz No.1

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