2 Mar 2013

Hollywood Quiz: Sports Movies

Over the years, Hollywood has produced some very memorable movies based on the lives of sportsmen and women and on themes revolving around sports. In this Hollywood Quiz – 10 questions on some of the most memorable sports movies.

Q.1 Name the fictional American football team associated with the movie 'Any Given Sunday'?
Answer: Miami Sharks
Q.2 Name the movie which was inspired by the true story of Vince Papale, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1976-78?
Answer: Invincible
Q.3 Which movie was the first ever sports movie to win the Best Picture Academy Award?
Answer: Rocky
Black Sox Scandal

The Black Sox Scandal: The 8 Guilty Men

Q.4 Which movie is based on the Chicago 'Black Sox' scandal in 1919?
Answer: Eight Men Out  
Q.5 This movie is a 2009 British sports drama about Brian Clough's tenure as the manager of Leeds United. Name the movie.
Answer: The Damned United
Q.6 The Greatest Game Ever Played', a 2005 sports drama movie refers to a game of which sport?
Answer: Golf
Q.7 In the 2005 sports drama Goal!, which England club does Santiago Muñez plays for ?
Answer: Newcastle United
Q.8 Which actor played the role of head coach of Washington Sentinels in the movie'The Replacements'?
Answer: Gene Hackman
Q.9 Which movie has the famous quote: 'Show me the money'?
Answer: Jerry Maguire
Q.10 Which actor played the role of one of the most hated Baseball players Ty Cobb, in the movie 'Cobb'?
Tommy Lee Jones