Sunrise in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Quiz

Q.1 What is the meaning of 'Bangladesh'?

  • A country
  • Land of the Bengal tigers
  • Land of the deshis
  • Nation of Bengal

Q.2 More than half of the Bangladeshi population consists of farmers.

  • True
  • False

Q.3 Name the rivers that flow through Bangladesh.

  • Ganga, Yamuna
  • Yamuna, Brahmaputra
  • Ganga, Brahmaputra
  • Brahmaputra

Q.4 Bangladesh does not have the world's largest river delta.

  • False
  • True

Q.5 Which industry gives Bangladesh it's largest export income?

  • Farming
  • Garments
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing

Q.6 What is Bangladesh's capital - Dhaka also known as?

  • City of rain
  • City of rivers
  • City of mosques
  • City of love

Q.7 Name the currency of Bangladesh.

  • Rupee
  • Dinar
  • Dirham
  • Taka

Q.8 What is Bangladesh's national animal?

  • Lion
  • Boar
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Bear

Q.9 Name the countries that share borders with Bangladesh.

  • India and Myanmar
  • India and Pakistan
  • India and China
  • China and Myanmar

Q.10 Bangladesh is known for its complex 6 seasons.

  • True
  • False
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