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Donald Trump Quiz

Q.1 What was the official motto of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign?

  • Only Trump Can Fix It
  • Yes We Can
  • Time To Build A Wall
  • Make America Great Again

Q.2 Donald Trump is most active on this social media platform. Which is it?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace

Q.3 Trump is popularly known for this TV show that judges contestants' business skills. Which is it?

  • Top Trumps
  • The Apprentice
  • X Factor
  • The Merger

Q.4 What is the name of the current first lady, Trump's wife?

  • Ivanka Trump
  • Mary Anne Trump
  • Melania Trump
  • Michelle Trump

Q.5 This book written by Trump is one of the bestselling business books of all time. Which is it?

  • Trump: Art of the Deal
  • The America We Deserve
  • Trump: How to Get Rich
  • Trump 101: The Way To Success

Q.6 Trump believes this global phenomena is a hoax.

  • Population Explosion
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Global Warming
  • Poverty

Q.7 Trump acted in a 1989 movie that gave him the Worst Supporting Actor Award. Which movie is this?

  • Ghosts Can't Do It
  • Home Alone
  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • Mission Impossible

Q.8 Name the Vice President elected in Trump's presidency.

  • Joe Biden
  • Mike Pence
  • Melania Trump
  • Ivanka Trump

Q.9 A Trump themed board game was released in 2004. Name it.

  • The Apprentice
  • How to Get Rich
  • Trump, the Game
  • Make America Great 

Q.10 What is Donald Trump's Middle Name?

  • Joe
  • Joseph
  • Jackson
  • John 
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