Indian History
Machine101: The Indian History Quiz

Q.1 The Cholas were the most celebrated kings South of the Narmada. Wise and powerful, they changed the land for the better. Which one of the following cities was the seat of the Chola Empire?

  • Tiruchirapalli
  • Madurai
  • Kanyakumari
  • Salem

Q.2 Swords, shields and the bow and arrow were common enough in war. While Babur brought canons to the land, Tipu Sultan was the first Indian king to use a new kind of weaponry. Which one of the following did he use during his war against the British?

  • Canons
  • Rockets
  • Landmines
  • None of the above

Q.3 Krishnadevaraya was the famous king of the Vijayanagara kingdom. Tenali Raman was a part of his court. In which city are the ruins of the Vijayanagara kingdom found?

  • Basaralu
  • Mudval
  • Hampi
  • Tekkalakote

Q.4 If Rabindranath Tagore penned the Indian National Anthem, then Bankim Chandra Chatterjee composed the tune of the Indian National Anthem.

  • True
  • False

Q.5 Alexander the Great might not have extended his rule to India. But, his most trusted general certainly came close(geographically). Seleucus Nicator was his name and he held a good political relationship with one Indian King. Who was the king?

  • Ashoka
  • Chandragupta Maurya
  • Harshagupta
  • Alauddin Khalji

Q.6 Women have held seats of power. However, not many of the women leaders are known. For a while, the Delhi Sultanate had a sultana. She was the daughter of which Sultan of Delhi?

  • Iltutmish
  • Qutb bud din Aibak
  • Aram Shah
  • Ghiyas ud din Balban

Q.7 If the Rajput and the Mughals were warring kingdoms of North India then, the Cheras, the Cholas and the Pandyas collectively formed the warring kingdoms of South India during the Iron Age.

  • True
  • False

Q.8 The following image depicts a famous monument built by a king whose given name was Devanampriya Priyadarshi. We know him as ___________?

  • Bindusara
  • Dasharatha Maurya
  • Ashoka
  • Samprati

Q.9 Of the three Great Living Chola Temples, the Airavateshwara Temple in Darasuram is one and the Brihadeeshwara temple in Thanjavur is the other. Which one of the following is the third?

  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Chennai
  • Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram
  • Sattainadhar Temple in Sirkazhi
  • Gangaikondacholisvaran Temple in Ariyalur

Q.10 India has seen three Battles of Panipat. Whom did Babur defeat in the first of those?

  • Ibrahim Lodi
  • Hemu
  • Ahmad Shah Abdali
  • None of the above.
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