Mahatma Gandhi Quiz


Fill up the blank with the name of the appropriate place: Mohandas Gandhi was born in the coastal town of Porbandar, located in the ______ Agency of British India.


At which institution in England did Mahatma Gandhi acquire the qualification of a lawyer?


Look at the poster of this Bollywood movie below. This movie explores the uneasy relationship that Mahatma Gandhi shared with his eldest son. What was his name?


Mohandas Gandhi and Kasturba Bai had three more sons. Name them.


Where did the famous train incident take place, in which Mohandas Gandhi was thrown off the first class coach in spite of holding a valid ticket?


What was the name of the organization formed by Gandhi to fight the discrimination faced by the Indian population in South Africa?


What was the name of the Ashram established by Gandhi in Durban?


During which war did he raise the Indian Ambulance Corps?


What word replaced the term “Passive Resistance” in 1908?


What was the name of the historic site established by Gandhi near Johannesburg – the site played an important role in the second phase of the Satyagrah movement?

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